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With customer demand as the center and green innovation as the cornerstone, Newgreen is a solution design provider and intelligent equipment manufacturer focusing on metal packaging production line and intelligent manufacturing industry.

The steel drum equipment division of Newgreen took the lead in realizing the vertical intelligent drum making technology breakthrough in China, and attracted foreign advanced drum making technology intelligence, and cooperated with many leading enterprises in the European and American industries, committed to making the vertical intelligent drum making equipment that can be used by drum making enterprises all over the world.

Newgreen Intelligent Manufacturing Division focuses on the development of automation equipment, intelligent manufacturing, robot integration, digital factory and other advanced manufacturing fields. After many years of accumulation and development, we accumulate massive digital customization and service solutions in intelligent design, intelligent production, intelligent management, intelligent manufacturing services and others. We can help customers transfer rapidly from "traditional manufacturing" to “artificial intelligence”, the latter takes artificial intelligence, robot and digital manufacturing as the core. We realized the integration and deep fusion of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and artificial intelligence technology in manufacturing equipment.

Newgreen digital factory provides big data and artificial intelligence technology products guided by real demand scenarios of intelligent intelligent manufacturing, so that customers can realize all-round digital upgrade in products, production lines and industrial chains. We will promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing to enable industrial upgrading.

At present, we have cultivated a group of interdisciplinary, compound and innovative automation talents with systematic thinking. The engineer team has rich interdisciplinary knowledge and comprehensive application ability, and can flexibly combine them according to the actual demand of industrial production. Newgreen will exert the new advantages of "strong cooperation, strong complementation", with “intelligent technology to create a green world” as the mission, will be committed to technological innovation and green development, so as to become a reliable growth partner of customers.

Devotion is the most precious quality of a person and a company. Devotion not only realizes technological innovation, but also inherits the green dream. Because of devotion, we chose not to forget our original intention and move forward courageously. 

Our original intention is simple---innovating technology and inheriting green. 

After scientifically grasping the strategic positioning of technological innovation and green inheritance in the new era, we find greater devotion in action. This unprecedented devotion has not only helps us learn to treat technology correctly, but also helps us find a sustainable development path that reveres the market and maintains innovation.

Only embrace technology with a passionate attitude at the very beginning can we truly understand the technical spirit and provide good technical services.

Looking back at the past, the passion is surging; looking ahead to the future, the motivation is multiplied. Standing on the journey of the new era, we will not forget our original intention and forge ahead and assume greater social responsibility and inherit green dreams with innovative technologies. 

Bless all friends who care about the development of New Green find a better self at a new journey.

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