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COFCO Group Co., Ltd. (COFCO)

COFCO Group Co., Ltd. (COFCO) , a world-class food company based in China, is an agricultural, grain, oil and food company with a global layout, entire industrial chain and the largest market and development potential. Its subsidiary COFCO Packaging Holdings Co., Ltd. is the largest comprehensive consumer product Packaging Group in China.
New Green has successively provided drum making solutions for customers such as Guangzhou COFCO Co., Ltd., Jiaxing COFCO Co., Ltd., Tianjin COFCO Co., Ltd. , Shandong COFCO Co., Ltd. and so on.
Guangzhou COFCO Drum Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Jiaxing COFCO Drum Manufacturing Co., Ltd. respectively introduced New Green automatic vertical steel drum production lines in 2017 and 2018. At present, the single-line production capacity is 12 drums per minute, and the annual output of 200L steel barrels is about 1.6 million. The new vertical steel drum production line not only guarantees the safety work of on-site workers, but also breaks through their pain points of the backward equipment and low production capacity for a long term.

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