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In Piedmont, Italy, young engineer Zaverio Lazzero has focused on industrial helium leak detection technology since 1970. From the late 1970s, Zaverio began to practice the first industrial helium leak detection project and accumulated more than 30 years industry experience in this field. In 1990, Zaverio established LAZZERO TECNOLOGIE S.R.L.. As president, he personally led the commercialization of the industrial detection system based on the helium mass spectrometry leak detection method and was deeply engaged in the development, design and research of industrial tracer gas for leak detection applications .

Zaverio has served as an honorary member of the Italian Vacuum Association and the Italian Industrial Designers Association, and has provided consulting services for leak detection systems and quality audit projects for a large number of European companies since 1996. Under the leadership of Zaverio, LAZZERO TECNOLOGIE S.R.L. has become the most competitive high-tech enterprise in the field of industrial mass spectrometer leak detection in Italy and Europe, and has received professional certification from international standards organizations.


FEDERAL WELDER INTERNATIONAL Ltd., one of the most professional drum welding machine suppliers in the world, has established an international industrial standard for the federal steel drum welding machine in the field of drum making. 

It's federal drum welding machine has become the industry benchmark since 1980. After obtaining the reputation of the British Commonwealth DW250/6, the professional engineer team continues to innovate technology. Since 2016, the company has updated the design of the federal welding machine, further improving the performance of the welding machine, while retaining key features such as the famous heavy structure.

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