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Digital factory

    Digital transformation, industrial Internet is the only way to realize intelligent manufacturing. We have rich experience in the application of core technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. We provide big data and artificial intelligence technology products guided by intelligent manufacturing of real demand scenarios, so that customers can realize all-round digital upgrading in products, production lines and industrial chains.

    We treat the digital factory as a whole, the system as the "brain", with data as the core. R&D direction covers manufacturing data management, manufacturing data intelligent algorithm and so on. We can help enterprises do a good job of process risk control, realize the intelligent upgrade of data, processes and decisions.

    We can provide product-based digital factory application development solutions for traditional manufacturing, electric power, automobile, energy and other industries according to the demands of enterprises. Give full play to the advantages of cloud computing, combine industry knowledge, use artificial intelligence algorithm for data processing, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing, accelerate the recovery of real economy and seize the commanding heights of the future industry, timely correct the operating defects of manufacturing enterprises, and enable industrial upgrading.

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