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New Green encourages employees to create superiority and strengthens competition awareness and advocates unity and cooperation to cultivate a good corporate culture atmosphere.
The requirements for all employees are correct value orientation, reliable personal ethics, positive mental outlook, full work enthusiasm and good comprehensive quality.
What we always believe is that an excellent team can lead to green industrial life.
Meanwhile New Green is continuously expanding its sales team and project team to build an excellent talent team that meets its future development direction. New Green provides customers with fine services that will be tracked and supervised.
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1. Major in Mechanical, Automation, Electrical engineering or related; Proficient in SolidWorks and office software;

2. Understanding of materials, heat treatment, finite element analysis and processing technology;

3. Good presentation skills, team work spirit, good communication skills and team leading experience is preferred;

4. Strong independent learning ability and innovative spirit, able to independently take charge of project development and follow-up;

5. Identify with the company culture, be adaptable and company can provide overseas training and learning opportunities;

6. Formulate the working regulations and daily norms of the technical department;

7. Fluent English is preferred.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Reasonably assign the work of the department; lead the team to complete the design and drawing of the company's standard and non-standard equipment; Finalize and file department drawings; unify the format and specification;

2. Cooperate with other departments to complete design projects;

3. Can solve the technical problems in the production and application process.



1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical or related major, proficient in CAD and 3D drawing software;

2. Provide technical support to the company's various equipment engineering projects, relevant experience is preferred;

3. Have good professional quality and strong coordination ability, and company can provide overseas learning and training opportunities;

4. Adapt to travel;

5. Rich experience and strong ability to become technical manager;

6. Good Command of English is preferred.


Job Responsibilities:


1. Responsible for mechanical equipment and automation design; study the technical files, drawings of foreign companies;

2. Participate in the early installation and debugging of mechanical parts of the equipment, and provide technical support for after-sales maintenance.



1. Bachelor degree or above in electrical engineering or automation or at least 2 years programming experience in Siemens;

2. Good at Siemens series PLC, proficient in 1200 is preferred, can use Eplan drawing is preferred;

3.Familiar with electrical control equipment standards, PLC and electrical components selection;

4. Familiar with servo motor, inverter control, able to independently complete field equipment wiring;

5. Have good professional quality and strong coordination ability, and company can provide overseas learning and training opportunities;

6. Working experience in non-standard automation design, experience in automatic production line transformation or fluent English is preferred.


Job Responsibilities:


1. Responsible for the design and selection of equipment electrical program, circuit diagram drawing and controlling the progress of electrical part in the project;

2. Responsible for the arrangement of all electrical matters, and those who lack experience can be cultivated

Job Requirements:

1. Passion and understanding of mechanical industry;

2. Able to use all kinds of measuring tools, such as vernier calipers, micrometers, height gauges, etc.

3. Able to read simple mechanical drawings and assembly models;

4. Familiar with milling machine, grinder and other ordinary lathes is preferred, at least able to learn the use of ordinary lathes;

5. Have good communication and learning ability, cooperate with colleagues to coordinate work;

6. Relevant major, fresh graduate with some bench work and lathe basis is preferred.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Processing some simple parts, such as milling machine processing, grinding machine processing, drilling tapping, etc.;

2. Assist in equipment assembly and debugging, and deal with simple after-sales problems;

3. Complete other reasonable work assigned by department head.

Job Requirements:

1. College or above major in electrical automation or mechatronics;

2. Low voltage electrical certificate, familiar with the basic principle of conventional electrical and mechanical;

3.Proficient in PLC operation, Siemens is preferred;

4. After-sales service experience in automation industry is preferred;

5. Be honest with others, have a positive working attitude, have a clear understanding of the importance of after-sales service, and take the initiative to maintain the company image at the customer site;

6. Can adapt to short-term or emergency business trip, have strong ability to work under pressure and deal with emergencies.


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the after-sales service of the company's automation equipment;

2. Responsible for the installation, debugging, acceptance and docking of the company's automation equipment;

3. Responsible for the exception handling and daily maintenance of the sold equipment;

4. Participate in the preliminary assembly and debugging of automation equipment;



1. Good at CNC lathes and machining centers (Mitsubishi system);

2. Familiar with the process flow of common parts, and formulate the processing technology;

3. Working experience in a mold factory is preferred.


Job Responsibilities:


1. Classify the drawings, arrange the parts that could be processed by the company's equipment, complete the processing plan within the deadline and deliver the parts;

2. Reform parts according to the requirements of assembly workshop.

Job Information:


1. Strong learning ability, need to learn and master relevant product knowledge of the company, and develop keen market capture and judgment ability;

2. Systematically integrate customer resources, dredge sales channels, and is fully responsible for product promotion and sales;

3. Master customer needs, build channels, take the initiative to develop, and complete tasks assigned by superiors;

4. Independently complete project planning and promotion, and is able to establish and maintain good customer relations;

5. Grasp the market trends and report to the sales manager timely;

6. Mechanical, electrical, marketing or pneumatic and hydraulic product sales experience is preferred;

7. College English Test 4 or above, except for those with excellent qualifications.

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