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Our company's core business segments are developing new high-speed vertical drum making equipment and building an integrated R&D production system for production, education, research and usage and build manufacturing bases by adhering to the "green + innovation" development concept, integrating Italian leading enterprise technology and relying on our company's engineers and professional technical teams.

At present, Newgreen’s main business includes the research and development, production and sales of high-speed intelligent vertical drum making equipment. We actively commercialize the lid pre-curling glue injection machine, high-efficiency vertical flanger machine, high-efficiency vertical beader machine, high-efficiency vertical corrugator machine, high-efficiency vertical neck-in machine, high-efficiency vertical seamer machine and high-efficiency vertical drum turn-over machine. We have made breakthrough progress in developing, producing and selling parts (including power drive systems, energy recovery systems, remote control systems, and core components and intelligent product systems for vertical mechanical forming drum making equipment such as batteries, electric drives, power electronics, etc.). Newgreen will uphold the core value of "regard customers’ needs as a center and green innovation as a cornerstone" and implement the mission of "innovating technology for a green future". Based on the market with excellent quality and service, Newgreen will make unremitting efforts to create convenient, fast and efficient high-quality service experience for customers as well as build a green, intelligent, convenient and efficient society.

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