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Peak carbon dioxide emissions| Newgreen joins hands with ESTUN, the top robot in China, to open a new chapter of intelligent manufacturing

The State Council on the issuance of pre-2030 carbon peak action plan notice has also put forward carbon peak action to industry. We will promote green and low-carbon development in the industrial sector, carry out green manufacturing projects, promote green design, improve the green manufacturing system, and build green factories and green industrial parks. We will promote the integrated development of digital, intelligent, green industries in the industrial sector, and strengthen technological upgrading in key industries and fields.

Therefore, under the background of "double carbon" goal and "industry 4.0", it has become a consensus to develop intelligent manufacturing. Newgreen adheres to its original development aspiration and bravely undertakes green responsibilities. Under the guidance of intelligent manufacturing 4.0 strategy, we continue to deepen the development of robot manufacturing. We have been improving and upgrading in intelligent technology, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent products and intelligent services, and never stop.

Robot automation technology development and application is one of the business of Newgreen intelligent manufacturing division. Newgreen can provide problem-solving products and services covering automation and robotics technology consulting, system design, hard and software environment building, robot programming and debugging, operation training, maintenance. Newgreen industrial robot technology collaborates with non-standard automation industry, to help enterprises solve the problem of insufficient automated production capacity, promote the traditional industry toward high-end, intelligent, green, service-directed development. At the same time Newgreen takes advantage of the market to achieve the acquisition and re-innovation of global key technologies, and take intelligent robot as the starting point for customers to achieve intelligent manufacturing. Recently, Newgreen cooperates with domestic top robot manufacturers to carry out ESTUN, and constantly promote intelligent manufacturing from automation to intellectualization.

In the future, Newgreen, as the leading enterprise of industry 4.0 intelligent manufacturing, will actively respond to the national call of low-carbon environmental protection and green production, with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality, and achieve intelligent manufacturing upgrade for more enterprises.

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